Vikevåg School is Norway’s first ”smart school”

When Rennesøy local council expanded Vikevåg School, it became cheaper, more efficient and smarter. So smart that the technical solutions are managed so that both the teacher and students can concentrate on teaching and learning within a first-class indoor climate.

– For me it was obvious to look at smart technical solutions and whether it was possible to get the interdisciplinary interaction in the industry that was required to build a fully automated school, says Bård-Ove Pedersen, chief technology officer at Rennesøy local council.

The purpose of creating a smart school is so that children and adults can have a good indoor climate, a good atmosphere and that the teachers can focus on teaching their subject and not have to think about manually adjusting the indoor climate.

– I have searched, but not found another school in Norway with these solutions. Good cooperation with all the suppliers allowed us to build a school where the technology is set in a system between most subjects and everything is controlled in relation to each other, explains the technical leader.

The technical solutions alter indoor conditions according to the seasons, circadian rhythm and classroom activities. Light, sound, ventilation, temperature and shading are all adjusted automatically and regulated according to student’s needs.

– The technical solutions chosen are more efficient at detecting changes affecting the indoor environment compared to humans, and quickly make the right decisions for actions to regulate the environment. For example, if many people enter the room, the ventilation is automatically adjusted so that the indoor air quality is high, says Bård-Ove Pedersen.

The school uses LED lights that are automatically adjusted, automatic blinds for shade, automatic control for heating and ventilation. In addition, the school has an audio/voice system for incoming and outgoing messages. The system allows for efficient response to fire, emergency and safety situations, as well as providing a system for communication when necessary.

– Instead of a teacher needing to operate the technical system, the janitor receives automatic warning and error messages, saving the council money by reducing operating costs. We use less energy, despite the fact that the school is now three times as big, says Bård-Ove Pedersen.

Vikevåg School is therefore both smart and green. During this autumn, we will also be installing solar cells in the roof and a private windmill in the schoolyard.

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