Technology is the key to better health care

A typical modern safety solution is a big grey box that forces the user to push the alert button when something goes wrong. According to the Norwegian startup ContinYou, this has to change. Now.

– A modern solution needs to utilize all available technology to give the user safety by supplying predictable analysis of the situation. It should alert when you want it to or it is necessary, automatically or controlled by the user. Of course it should also be functional outside the house, and open for almost an unlimited amount of expansions. We believe that the old solutions stigmatize the user, so we wanted to come up with something better, explains Rune Johansson, chief of sales and marketing at ContinYou.

The product they came up with was Contact, a whole new way to track and predict accidents.

– It’s one of the most innovative and exciting development projects of our time. Built on solid and long-term support from our owners, Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway, we’re developing a digital security solution that has a unique and safe framework for both collecting data and alerting of incidents. The product is able to recognize a fall even before the user has fallen. This is possible by doing continuously analyzes and comparing them to historical data. All this happens in the fraction of a second, long before the user notice that something is about to go wrong, explains Johansson.

The system was originally developed to enable elderly users to live longer in their own house, but ContinYou soon realized that it can be used in several different circumstances. Either way, Johansson is certain that there is a demand for such a product in the market. What he is more unsure of, is the public sector’s willingness and ability to take use of the newest technology.

– Technology evolves rapidly, but at the same time we see that the big national markets, primarily the public sector, often has more good intentions than willingness to invest. The result is that public procurement processes often end up with yesterday’s technology. This could lead to slower development short term. Long term however, you can’t stop the technology train. At ContinYou we believe that the most important thoughts are those who are yet to be thought, and we’re always working on new ideas. What is for certain, is that welfare technology is the key to handling the growing amount of elderly people in our society, as well as the growing labor shortage in the health care sector, says Johansson.

ContinYou are now ready to launch Contact. Their first meeting with the international market will be at Nordic Edge Expo in October. The aim is to get in touch with companies who are willing to invest in innovative technology, and who sees the potential for savings and streamlining that the solution brings.

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