Startup sit down with Europe’s largest technology accelerator

Level39 is Europe’s largest technology accelerator space for finance, cyber-security, retail and smart-city technology companies. At Nordic Edge Expo startups are invited to sit down with CEO Ben Brabyn.

Level39 is the innovation enabling accelerator space of the Canary Wharf Group. We are home to 190 small businesses in the finance, retail, smart-city and cybersecurity sectors. We bring together the key players in technology and finance, providing the optimal environment for organisations, big and small, to innovate. Drawing from our network of technologists, academics, government, financial institutions and corporates, we help businesses within Canary Wharf and beyond, access the right people and ideas to accelerate their businesses, explains CEO Ben Brabyn.

Ben Brabyn, CEO of Level 39, is coming to Nordic Edge Expo in October.

Brabyn is flying to Stavanger, Norway to speak at Nordic Edge Expo on October 6th & 7th. The event aims to be one of Europe’s most important market places for everyone engaged in new technological solutions that make cities, businesses, organisations and homes smarter. As well as giving a lecture on innovation, Mr Brabyn will be available for short meetings with startup and growth companies that are interested in learning and exploring the opportunities at Level39 for them.

– We’re proud to present this opportunity to startups. Level 39 is a top notch accelerator and it will be exciting to show Mr Brabyn what the Nordics have to offer when it comes to smart cities, says Karen Elisabeth Ohm Heskja. She works with startup and growth companies at DnB, as well as being Chief Startup and Growth Companies at Nordic Edge Expo, where DnB is in charge of the startup and growth company strategy. She is delighted to welcome Brabyn & Level 39 to Stavanger.

– Nordic Edge has very high ambitions when it comes to startups. The goal for DNBs involvement is to make Nordic Edge a relevant market place for startup and growth companies through relevant program, speakers, a designated startup expo area, special prices and not at least a great evening event focused on matchmaking between investor ready companies and investors. So there’s plenty to look forward to, says Ohm Heskja.

A few highlights from the program:

  • Possibility for one on one meetings with Ben Brabyn.
  • A pre-event in cooperation with Innovation Norway on Oct 5th
  • Evening event on Oct 6 which includes the Angel Challenge Stavanger finale.
  • DNB, Nordic Edge and Nordic Web are launching a report that analyses and maps smart city startup investments in the Nordics.

London is one of the key cities in the global smart-city agenda – this city boasts initiatives such as the Data Science Institute, Intel’s Living Labs, Future Cities Catapult and Siemens’ The Crystal to name a few. Level 39 has traditionally been known as a fintech accelerator but in recent times they have also set their sights on companies related to smart cities and cyber security.

– it is vital we support entrepreneurs and organisations furthering this sector. We are wholly owned by the Canary Wharf Group, a property company with a 97-acre portfolio of office and retail space which puts us in a great position to work with experts in property and technology and to facilitate ground-breaking projects. The Cognicity Challenge was a six-month long intensive programme held at Level39 which drew global smart-city entrepreneurs to develop their ideas here in Canary Wharf. Following the programme a number of winners were selected and pilots were trialed on the Canary Wharf estate. We also have links with Intel – who are working on a number of connected projects in and around London. They have a presence at Level39, says Brabyn.

One of the Norwegian companies at Level 39 is Huddlestock. They are operating in the fintech industry and are now valued at 108 million NOK. After starting out in Stavanger, Huddlestock was picked up and developed at Level 39. CEO Murshid M. Ali is clear on the fact that Level 39 has brought them a long way.

– Level 39 has ment a great deal to us. It is the most important accelerator for fintech in Euope – maybe even the world. We have been given access to resources, partners and exposure that has been very important to us, says Ali.

One the ingredients to Level39’s success is convening key players in the sectors they focus on. With regards to smart cities they are in conversation with property companies, local boroughs, technology vendors, government organisations and more.

– Nordic Edge Expo is an opportunity to connect with all of the above, but in a different market with new ideas. I am delighted to be able to share my own experience, but crucially, learn from the successes and failures of Nordic initiatives – for our mutual learning, concludes Ben Brabyn.

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