Ready to reveal the state of Smart City innovation in the Nordics

If you're working with innovation in the Nordic countries, chances are that you have heard the name Neil S W Murray – especially if you're into tech and startups. At Nordic Edge Expo he's ready to present a brand new Smart City analysis.

Though Murray is born and raised in London, he has developed a strong relationship with the Nordic startup society. He runs The Nordic Web, a website providing data and analysis on the Nordic tech startup scene, as well as organising Nordic Next and contributing for

– These days I would be considered a tech journalist, but in previous lives I have been an entrepreneur, ‘intrapreneur’, and salesman. I moved to Denmark in 2013 and fell in love with the tech and entrepreneurship scene there. After my latest startup failed, I started blogging about the Danish and Nordic startup scene, which was the origins for The Nordic Web, Neil explains.

According to Neil, the Nordics possess one of the most vibrant and successful tech ecosystems in the world, yet there is still a lack of general awareness and understanding as to just how much great stuff has been produced and is going on right now in the region.

– Our purpose is to provide an accurate data-driven resource to serve as an entry point to investors and entrepreneurs who are already participating in or want to participate in the Nordic startup scene, he says.

At the moment, Neil is also working on a smart city analysis that will be presented at Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger October 6-7. The report is part of the strategy to strengthen Nordic Edge a relevant meeting place for Startup And Growth companies. The strategy is lead by DNB as a part of the support to Nordic Edge.

– The Nordics have a real opportunity to be one of the regions at the forefront of Smart City technology. Interest and investment are dramatically increasing in this sector in the Nordics, and I am really looking forward to participating in a day that is focused around this important topic, and of course sharing the insights from our own analysis on Smart City activity in the Nordics.

See the full program for Nordic Edge Expo

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