Smart Business

Every business has to evolve to stay relevant. Becoming smarter is part of the puzzle. Here you’ll find news about innovation and entrepreneurship in the Nordics, presenting both well dynamic veterans and exciting start-ups.

Connected & mobile healthcare with a human touch

The increased popularity of smartphones has encouraged developers to create the new generation of healthcare applications, focused on easier, faster, cheaper and mobile communication between patients and doctors, paving the way to new and improved medical services. This is what is called connected and mobile healthcare.

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– The future is now

Zaptec’s patented electronic transformer is the first of its kind in the world. Now they are ready to take charging of electrical vehicles in the city to a whole new level.

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Unmanned systems enables smarter cities

The Unmanned Aerial Systems and most robotic systems have been more or less a military industry until recently. The cost of the equipment has been very high and the requirements to operate it has been complex and difficult. Now this is changing.

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The future of automation is happening now at Volvo

For the first time ever, the Volvo Group will demonstrate its self-driving truck for a broader audience. The truck is part of a research and development project involving autonomous vehicles, intended to create greater business advantages for customers, mainly in the mining industry.

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